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Why Support Social Media When Exhibiting at the Winnipeg Women’s Show

Fantastic question!! So there it is in written word “WHY SUPPORT”… “SOCIAL MEDIA”
n exhibiting at an event, such as the Winnipeg Women’s Show.

Grlfrand!!! As Rue Paul would say “Why the F**K NOT!!  —- Rue’s the only grl who can get away with being the Queen of Sheeba at a trade event (LOL)!

Ask any “seasoned exhibitor” WHY PARTICIPATING in SOCIAL MEDIA —- drives business their way


a) A seasoned exhibitor takes advantage of inviting and sharing an event as a way to let their loyal customers know where they are — this is especially effective if they are running a “Pop-Up” shop!

Many savvy exhibitors go as far as to list the events directly in their own Facebook “events” tab and on their website!

Here’s how…

b) A seasoned exhibitor also takes advantage of sharing an event and inviting friends as a form of customer appreciation.  And if the event offers their exhibitors discounted guest passes, even better! Seasoned exhibitors that advantage of these “discount” guest passes as a GIFT OF APPRECIATION to their loyal client base…. what a wonderful way to say:

“Sister!! Thank you for your patronage — please be my guest to this outstanding event and SHOP TIL’ YA DROP! I APPRECIATE YOU… 

c) And last, Seasoned Exhibitor understands the premise behind “Social Media”. Facebook and Instagram are the most powerful marketing avenues out there —- but they only work on a shared “word-of-mouth” platform — POST. INVITE. SHARE. —- that’s how Socal Media works — it ain’t’ SOCIAL… unless SHARED SOCIALLY.  Whoot! Whoot! And be sure to POST during the event — this is the perfect excuse to go Selfie crazy!

Keep posted for our upcoming blogs — we cover everything from creative lead generation to decorating your booth.

Winnipeg Women’s Show
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Why exhibit at the Winnipeg Women’s Show

Girl!… you can’t afford not too!

Truth be told, there really is no other way to maximize your advertising dollar**

 **The Winnipeg Women’s Show offers you 15 hours of ENGAGED one-on-one time with a live audience, as opposed to maybe 5 seconds in front of a newspaper reader or radio listener!

With today’s “information highway” saturated to the max —- reality is, all traditional “visual” and “audio” streams of marketing — radio, newspaper, television — are now just static, and Social Media has been reduced to ineffective noise!

Person-to-person, relationship building is THE ONLY WAY to anchor YOUR TOP-OF-MIMD VISIBILITY.

BEWARE Sister… this does not mean that by simply being “present” in a tradeshow, “they will come”!  GET EDUCATED and BE PREPARED with a solid, strategic marketing strategy…

NEED IDEAS…. The Winnipeg Women’s Show offers all their exhibitors a FREE HALF-HOUR Marketing Consultation. Chat with your consultant directly to learn more!

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The first official Winnipeg Women’s Show launches!

YES!!! It’s very true and very official… and has been a long time coming.

The premier “WINNIPEG WOMEN’S SHOW” is owned by seasoned event coordinators… under the well-recognized, well-respected company… Opulence Alliance Events… currently headed up by MinxDeville Productions.

Combined…. we have been producing PUBLIC EXPERIENCES for 30+ years — inclusive of small/mid-size/and large-scale TRADE FAIRS… social and networking functions… and onward to charity drives, golf tournaments…and various other “entertainment” related events.


Why not? Women in Winnipeg deserve an empowering and thoughtfully designed women’s convention and trade fair.

The WINNIPEG WOMEN’S SHOW…. is definitely NOT JUST A TRADESHOW!  In fact, our mandate is to:

a) Increase the VISIBILITY of locally owned, INDEPENDENT BUSINESSES!

b) Celebrate COMMUNITY by offering local “Legacy-Driven” public figures a platform to EDUCATE and INSPIRE…



If you have suggestions, ideas, and offerings, we welcome you to reach out…

Please EMAIL….   winnipegwomen@outlook.com

403 608-3710