Girl!… you can’t afford not too!

Truth be told, there really is no other way to maximize your advertising dollar**

 **The Winnipeg Women’s Show offers you 15 hours of ENGAGED one-on-one time with a live audience, as opposed to maybe 5 seconds in front of a newspaper reader or radio listener!

With today’s “information highway” saturated to the max —- reality is, all traditional “visual” and “audio” streams of marketing — radio, newspaper, television — are now just static, and Social Media has been reduced to ineffective noise!

Person-to-person, relationship building is THE ONLY WAY to anchor YOUR TOP-OF-MIMD VISIBILITY.

BEWARE Sister… this does not mean that by simply being “present” in a tradeshow, “they will come”!  GET EDUCATED and BE PREPARED with a solid, strategic marketing strategy…

NEED IDEAS…. The Winnipeg Women’s Show offers all their exhibitors a FREE HALF-HOUR Marketing Consultation. Chat with your consultant directly to learn more!

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