Fantastic question!! So there it is in written word “WHY SUPPORT”… “SOCIAL MEDIA”
n exhibiting at an event, such as the Winnipeg Women’s Show.

Grlfrand!!! As Rue Paul would say “Why the F**K NOT!!  —- Rue’s the only grl who can get away with being the Queen of Sheeba at a trade event (LOL)!

Ask any “seasoned exhibitor” WHY PARTICIPATING in SOCIAL MEDIA —- drives business their way


a) A seasoned exhibitor takes advantage of inviting and sharing an event as a way to let their loyal customers know where they are — this is especially effective if they are running a “Pop-Up” shop!

Many savvy exhibitors go as far as to list the events directly in their own Facebook “events” tab and on their website!

Here’s how…

b) A seasoned exhibitor also takes advantage of sharing an event and inviting friends as a form of customer appreciation.  And if the event offers their exhibitors discounted guest passes, even better! Seasoned exhibitors that advantage of these “discount” guest passes as a GIFT OF APPRECIATION to their loyal client base…. what a wonderful way to say:

“Sister!! Thank you for your patronage — please be my guest to this outstanding event and SHOP TIL’ YA DROP! I APPRECIATE YOU… 

c) And last, Seasoned Exhibitor understands the premise behind “Social Media”. Facebook and Instagram are the most powerful marketing avenues out there —- but they only work on a shared “word-of-mouth” platform — POST. INVITE. SHARE. —- that’s how Socal Media works — it ain’t’ SOCIAL… unless SHARED SOCIALLY.  Whoot! Whoot! And be sure to POST during the event — this is the perfect excuse to go Selfie crazy!

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