Thank you in advance… and YES! Your $50 Referral Appreciation is one EMT click away! 

We LOVE referrals and more importantly, appreciate people like you supporting local businesses by sharing effective marketing opportunities, such as the one we offer through exhibiting at the annual Winnipeg Women’s Show.

This program is effortless — all you have to do is make a referral, and if your referral …
A) books a booth
B) clearly reveals that you referred them (on the application)
C) pays in full for their booth

YOU GET REWARDED with $50!!!

To participate… simply refer those you know – who own businesses – to contact the Winnipeg Women’s Show regarding our exhibiting opportunity.  Send them directly to or have them call us at directly 403 608-3710.

Your referral is only legit if:

  1. Your referral books and pays in full for a booth
  2. Your referral reveals that you referred them on the application that they fill in to book a booth

    *** make sure they are fully aware of your first/last name and phone number — if these details are not clearly stated on their application, all deals off. Clarity is KEY!
  3. Your referral was not already contacted or been in contact with one of our Winnipeg Women’s Show sales representative prior to your conversation with them. All our sales connections are time-stamped, just saying
  4. You are available by ***phone*** to receive a call for the Winnipeg Women’s Show to access your details so we may send the EMT directly to youQuestions? Feel free to CALL US at 403 608-3710.